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Moving towards women leadership and workplace equality

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While there has been significant changes in workplaces to close gender gaps, there is still much to be done, and here are some suggestions to consider.

Gone are the days when men dominated business workplaces, and female representation was almost negligible in the corporate world. As the world moves towards gender equality, so too does the business arena. Women are now a common part of the business workforce.

Studies reveal that a gender-equal workforce helps companies become more productive, stay ahead of their competitors, and achieve sustained business growth. However, despite the progress made to close the gender gap in workplaces, there still exists a significant pay gap between men and women. Moreover, women are still underrepresented in many avenues, especially leadership positions.

It’s an ongoing process to provide equal pay and positions to both men and women to achieve an equitable workplace where there is no gender discrimination. Here are a few ways you can get started by promoting women in leadership roles and the workplace:

Revaluate Your Hiring Process

Start by evaluating your entire hiring process. Image from Shuttershock

All the change starts from your hiring process; most companies offer job positions specifically for males and have fewer men to women ratio in the workplace. Start by evaluating your entire hiring process, and make sure that your hiring policies are unbiased.

Most companies have a male-dominated workforce, and even when there are new job openings, the lack of women-friendly practices is likely to discourage them from applying in the first place.

  • Have an inclusive workplace regardless of gender.
  • Encourage women to join by improving job descriptions and facilitating environments that support working women.
  • Get rid of the stereotype that only men are suitable for certain roles within a company.
  • Value an employee’s attributes and qualifications, irrespective of their gender.
  • Women make up half of the world’s talent pools, so create better opportunities for them.

Equal Pay

A wage gap is one of the biggest downsides of the corporate world. Women having higher qualifications and work experience are paid less than their male colleagues. When running a business, equal pay is a key element in your company’s growth and overall image.

The times are changing, and the pay gap is not tolerated in today’s world. An employee’s pay should not depend on their gender, but rather on their relevant experience and skills they have. A new culture of gender equality and transparency in the workplace is emerging, where women expect to be paid the same as their male counterparts, as is fair.

You can attract diverse employees with all the additional benefits, but equal pay regardless of gender is what likely makes them stay in a long-term job. Make sure both men and women are compensated in an equal manner for doing the same amount of work.

Train All Your Employees

There is about a 21% pay gap between men and women. Image from Shuttershock

Training all your employees to follow and maintain gender equality is an important step in promoting more women to join your workforce. Often, companies offer equal pay and opportunities, but the workplace does not have an encouraging environment.

It’s essential to thoroughly guide and train all your employees and managers on gender equality and the long-lasting harmful effects it has on our global economy. According to research, there is about a 21% pay gap between men and women, and most senior management and leadership roles have no women.

Training your employees is important for them to create a friendly and equal environment in the workplace. As 95% of the most powerful companies are solely led by men, so there is going to be bias. Educate them to make sure women workers feel safe to work alongside men.

Moreover, most companies feel that they should not waste money on training women for leadership positions as they won’t be able to occupy leadership positions due to their familial responsibilities. Modern companies need to abolish this mind-set and instead make a workspace conducive so that women can occupy leadership positions while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Encourage an Open-Minded Workspace

As mentioned above, there is significant bias in the workspace, so having strict and effective guidelines and rules is important to make female workers feel welcomed. The only way to achieve gender equality is not only to have equal pay but enforcing the rest of your employees to keep an open-minded workplace.

A good initiative is to be mindful of all the existing obstacles women have faced in the business environment and create an environment that is not gender-biased. Women make up a lot of the corporate pool and offer new ideas that can help the growth of your company.

Deconstruct the cultural stereotypes and enlighten your employees about the issues women face at the hands of gender inequality. Have strict harassment and workplace offense policy to make your female employees feel safe and positive.

Statistics have shown that women are highly underrepresented in job positions that are quickly growing. By providing them with a safe workspace, you can encourage them to opt for higher management and leadership roles within the company and sharpen the skills required.

Prioritize Work/Life Balance

Majority of female workers are working mothers that face hurdles during their career. Companies should offer childcare, on-site childcare facilities for women, and paid maternity and parental leaves, so it creates a balance.

The true growth of a company relies on how its employees are treated, so it’s important to be considerate of the work and personal priorities of women and provide them the required resources to make it easier. You can encourage workplace equality by providing encouraging working conditions.

For example, a web development company in Houston offers flexible working hours, paid maternity leaves, and daycare services to encourage female employees to stay with the company and better manage their work-life balance.

Ending notes

A workplace is nothing without its employees. Therefore, it’s essential to build a diverse and equal workplace environment that not only encourages the more talented individuals to apply but makes your current employees live a healthy and balanced work life.

Gender discrimination is still one of the biggest downsides in every aspect of practical life. With the right amount of training and changes to your workplace, you can take the necessary action to promote female equality in the workplace.

Additionally, encourage more women to achieve the roles they are deserving of by maintaining an inclusive and fair work environment. Such fair policies will go a long way to securing the future of a company.


Nouman Ali provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for carpet cleaning.

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