The KrASIA global team shares on the female role models that inspired them

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The KrASIA global team shares who their female role models are and how they were inspired by them

During my late teenage years, I fell in love with oldies from old films. One of my absolute favourites was “Moon River,” which was sung by Audrey Hepburn. She had a soft voice and a proper enunciation – her melodious tunes hung in the air as I replayed the song over and over again.

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Even though she had left us way before I was born, I was so inspired by her when I read about her efforts in the humanitarian aspect. She had been a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF and dedicated the latter part of her life to helping impoverished children in Africa, Asia and Latin America by working in the field and spreading awareness to the conditions she saw. To me, she was the perfect woman that was not only classy but also had a golden heart to extend a helping hand to others. She remains my role model even to this day.

Since we were running a month-long campaign for International Women’s Day, it seemed like a good time to not only get to know my team better, but also the KrASIA global team whom I see virtually on the regular basis. With a “nosey” spirit, I put on my journalist hat again and set out to ask a few of my colleagues, “Is there a female role model that inspires you?

Shermin Shu, Graphic Designer at KrASIA in Singapore

Besides my mum, the other woman that taught me the importance of kindness and graciousness would be my English teacher – Ms Anna Mathew. Due to my rebellious teenage phase, she was the only teacher that believed and rooted for me from the beginning. Playing a big part in my secondary school education by going above and beyond to ensure I have a good learning environment after school hours. When times were bad at home, she will go the extra steps by making sure I am safe and provided a listening ear whenever I needed to speak. It was due to her continuous support and encouragement that I could excel in my examination and eventually pursued my interest in design.

Swee En Tan, Regional Manager (Southeast Asia) of KrASIA in Singapore

Rather than a singular role model, I’ve always appreciated the ladies whom I work with at KrASIA and 36Kr. Globally, the team is about 80% women and I’m really thankful to be working with such smart, strong and resourceful women, each with her own sense of self. Our company is very lean so sometimes work can be taxing but the team spirit has always been focused on building each other up.

Kumon Nobuatsu, Managing Director at 36Kr Japan

My female role model has always been my mother. Even at the age of 66, she still continues her passion in teaching as an elementary school teacher. I see her get up for work in the early hours each day, and while it is very tiring, it shows her love for the students as well. Her tireless routine has inspired me to learn from her and contribute to society in my own way possible.

James Chan, Videographer at KrASIA in Beijing

While I don’t have a particular female role model, I really admire the ladies who set up Think!Chinatown.

This is a nonprofit based in New York that works toward bringing together the Manhattan Chinatown community through arts and cultural events. They’re one of several groups that work toward giving a voice to residents of the neighbourhood (including issues surrounding quality of life), helping out local businesses, as well as giving artists a platform to present their works. They’re tireless and their love of the community is infectious and makes you want to get involved, learn more about the history of Chinese in America, and of Chinatown.

Shaun Ee, Digital marketing intern at KrASIA, in Singapore

The person that I look up to is my mother. Unlike others who may value financial security or even the finer things in life, my mother was willing to support my dad when he decided to leave his well paying job to start his own company, knowing full well that she could risk her current lifestyle. Not only is my mum currently working full-time with my dad now, but she also does most of the household chores and cooking. Even as a young person, I barely have the energy to pull through the day. Her silent service to the family truly is heartwarming. Seeing my mum excelling both her role as a wife and mother shows me the grit I need to push through life. My mum is truly a blessing for the family

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Joanna Ng

Joanna Ng is the Community Coordinator at KrASIA.


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