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The Impact of Personal Growth and Positive Attitude towards Success

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Positive attitude is what teaches us how to rise to the challenge, it is what helps us embrace our failures and learn from them.

Personal growth is one of those rare things that continue till our last breath. Without constantly working on improving ourselves, we can never really reach our ultimate self.

Becoming a better and more complete version of ourselves means learning things that are important to us, taking on good habits and getting rid of the bad ones, fulfilling our responsibilities, and becoming a better friend, relative, and person.  When it comes to personal success, let’s just say it is impossible to achieve it without some personal growth first.

And, as important as personal growth is in helping us achieve our goals, it must be added that a positive attitude is equally important. Without a positive attitude, one can never really learn the right lessons from their mistakes and failures.

Pessimistic thoughts can easily take control of your mind and if you don’t try to fight them, you will find yourself looking for excuses or for some other person to blame whenever faced with a problem or challenge. A positive attitude is what teaches us how to rise to the challenge, it is what helps us embrace our failures and learn from them.

How does one work on their personal growth?

With most individuals, personal development starts pretty early on. In the earlier stages of our life, we are not even fully aware of the process because most of the times, it is someone else who takes responsibility for our development. From parents and teachers to friends and relatives, everyone plays an important part in our growth and development.

But, as we grow older and become more independent, it becomes vital for us to not only become aware of the self-development process but also embrace it if we want to continue growing and learning. Now, let’s discuss how we can develop ourselves. First things first, the fact that you’re here reading this article means you’re headed in the right direction.

When it comes to self-development, the process depends on what kind of outcome you want to focus on more. Personal growth can cover a lot of things, from becoming a more optimistic and helpful person to acquiring new knowledge and learning new skills.

Whatever your aim is, in most cases, books are your best friend, so start reading as much as you can about whatever you want to learn.  One thing that works even better than reading is mentoring, so try talking about things you’re passionate about. Also, keep practicing what you learn because as they say, practice makes perfect.

Positive attitude comes from a positive mindset

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As aforementioned, a positive attitude is equally important in achieving success. How we go about in our day to day matters depends on our attitude. And, our attitude comes from what is going on inside our head. What we are thinking and feeling is how we end up acting. Hence, developing a positive mindset is really important.

To go about such a task, one could start with simple techniques like repeating affirmations and meditating or seeking counseling. The thing about optimism is that we always have to actively look for the positives in every situation.

That may sound like it’s a lifelong task but it’s not. All it requires is the right thinking and once you do it a few times, it becomes a habit, and after that, it does not require any effort at all. Positive thinking becomes your new default.

The question is how does one think positively when faced with a setback? Well, a person with an optimistic mindset always stays focused on what they want. Their plans might change and adapt but the end-goal always remains the same.

Secondly, when a setback or challenge does show up, instead of allowing it to disrupt their progress and stop their plans, optimists choose to spend their time and energy on solving the issue. In fact, optimists are so used to facing setbacks that expecting a new setback because their new default.

How does one stay positive?

Research has shown that humans are hard-wired to focus on the negatives. So, if you’re dealing with negative thoughts please know that it’s not just you, every single one of us is busy fighting them. The only difference is that some people are better at suppressing negative thoughts. But, the good news is, fighting pessimism is a skill rather than a mental gift. And hence, anyone can learn it.

 When it comes to suppressing negative thoughts, the trick is pretty simple. Our brain can only focus on one thought at a time and it’s us who choose which thoughts deserve our focus and which ones deserve to be discarded. No person is safe from setbacks but it’s our reaction that determines what kind of thoughts will rule over us. We can choose to look at the positive side or, we can choose to look at the negatives. It’s us who’s in control.

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