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Written by Joanna Ng Published on     4 mins read

We were honoured to have Dr. Miina Öhman, Derek Wong, and CK Goyal as our guest speakers for the night.

Last December, the Oasis Team came together with the common mindset to learn from each other. The idea of organising “Learning Nights” had came up during conversation, and we were all for the idea of holding casual short-talks in pod groups, similar to an adult version of Show and Tell. In our vision, Learning Nights would be a place where everyone can meet, interact, and share anything in their lives.

Excited by the idea, we set to make the magic happen, and we were glad that our efforts have come to fruition for our first Learning Nights on Tuesday!

We invited 3 speakers for our first Learning Nights, and here’s a snippet of what we learnt from them:

The Health Benefits of Nature Immersion

By Dr. Miina Öhman, Senior Researcher Fellow at Duke-NUS Medical School

Dr.Miina gave a talk on the health benefits of being in nature.
Dr. Miina gave a talk on the health benefits of being in nature. Image courtesy of Oasis, by KrASIA

Humans have learnt to cope with heat, cold, dark, physical exertion with technology, but our brain and immune system has yet to seek technological adaptation.

After hearing Dr. Miina’s talk, I made a mental note to visit the parks more often.

We all know that nature and exercise are good for us – countless studies and reports from researchers have shown us that. But why is it so?

Dr. Miina shares with us that it has to do with how our instincts and senses are genetically determined and still adapted to hunter-gatherer behaviour. The amount of technology that we are bombarded with in an urban jungle, coupled with the lack of physical inactivity, can lead to chronic stress. This can lead to several health issues such as high blood pressure and disrupted sleeping schedules.

Tip from Dr. Miina: Even if you’re busy and cannot make time to be in nature, even 10 minutes daily for a walk in the park is good enough (provided that the park is quiet and far away from all kind of urban noises!)

Lessons and Wisdom from the Art of Archery

By Derek Wong, Product Manager & Entrepreneur

Derek Wong sharing his passion for Archery.
Derek Wong sharing his passion for Archery. Image courtesy of Oasis, by KrASIA

Archery is a way of improving yourself as a person, but also deepening your understanding of your place in the world.

Derek’s passion for archery was definitely stuck (pun intended) in my head the entire night.

With his animated storytelling on how he got into archery, he shared with us the long history humankind had shared with archery, and how it has evolved as a necessity to a sport that people can enjoy currently. While many of us see archery as just a sport, Derek says that it is more than just hitting the targets. What’s more important is the process behind it, and the approach you take leading up to hitting that bull’s eye.

He shares his wisdom from practising archery: focus, stillness and letting go, and how it has helped him in his career and personal life too.

Fun Fact: Hunting bows can weigh up to 40kg!

Inspiring Teams Remotely

By CK Goyal, Co-founder at Draper Startup House

Ck Goyal sharing his story as well as 4 tips to inspire teams. Image courtesy of Oasis, by KrASIA.

We should stop seeing every meeting as a transactional one, but one that is with people.

Given the pandemic situation, virtual calls and remote working is no longer a stranger to us. We speak to our teams and clients on the screen every day, and it is so easy for us to feel emotionally drained.

In light of that, the talk by CK was definitely timely. One of the most important things he mentioned was gratefulness. It is something that is often underestimated in our daily lives – to be grateful for everything we have and our team members. Once we start authentically integrating it into our lives, as well as in team meetings, it would be a big game-changer.

Fun fact: CK was raised as a monk from 5 to 15 years old!

We would like to say a huge thank you to our Oasis community for supporting us in our dreams to learn, to all the like-minded individuals who joined us, and most importantly, our event partner Draper Startup House. Learning is a life-long process and here at Oasis, we will continue to provide a platform for everyone to connect and learn from.

About Draper Startup House

The mission at Draper Startup House is to enable ONE MILLION entrepreneurs by 2030.

Through the use of real human connection, inspired business travel, a diverse-minded community and access to global citizens – the community members of Draper Startup House are able to connect to new opportunities, inspire one another to innovate and execute, and empower one another to GO BIG, pay it forward, and drive progress. To be a part of the global community, join the Draper Entrepreneur Network today!

About Draper Startup House Ventures

Draper Startup House Ventures is a global syndicate created for the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs receive better access to funding beyond geographical borders, while helping to cultivate a network of entrepreneurial growth. To find out more, visit https://den.draperstartuphouse.com/ventures.

If you are interested in speaking at an Oasis learning night or want to partner for an event, please email [email protected]


Joanna Ng

Joanna Ng is the Community Coordinator at KrASIA.


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