Impact Collective announces 2021 winners of community-driven investment and accelerator program

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The winning teams will split USD 500,000 as investments.

The Impact Collective Accelerator Program announced its ten winners for 2021 on November 26. The winning teams will split a total of USD 500,000 as investments from the Impact Collective Fund to scale up their ground-breaking solutions and promote the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Impact Collective is a community-driven global accelerator for startups focusing on opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region. Launched in May 2020, 84 startups from 39 countries took part in its inaugural program. Eight startups were selected as its first batch of winners and they received a total of USD 7.5 million as investments.

The winners of the 2021 Impact Collective Accelerator Program are:

The 2021 program was launched in August and received over 400 applications from 39 countries. The Impact Collective Committee evaluated each startup’s entry based on several parameters, including their business models, products or services, impact strategies, and founding team credentials.

After the assessment, 45 innovative startups from 13 countries were selected, and the teams took part in a ten-week virtual program, during which they were mentored by more than 70 industry experts and participated in workshops to build knowledge about impact-profit alignment.

The ten finalists of the 2021 Impact Collective Accelerator Program. Photo courtesy of Impact Collective.
The ten finalists of the 2021 Impact Collective Accelerator Program. Photo courtesy of Impact Collective.

At the end of the program, the 45 teams presented their final pitches to a group of investors, senior entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders, policymakers, and Impact Collective community voters in demo days that ran from November 8 to 10.

Afterwards, a voting session was held on the program’s blockchain-based platform from November 11 to 12. A total of more than 240 community members, including community voters, industry experts, and an investment committee, participated in the voting process, and the ten teams with the most votes were selected as the winners.

The Impact Collective partners with TheVentures, a Seoul-based investor and incubator for early-stage startups; Citypreneurs, a UN-backed growth initiative for startups to promote the UN SDGs; and Weave, an international learning network that provides problem solving, consulting, and unity-building services to organizations.

“This year, we had teams from not only Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand, where the startup ecosystem is mature, but also the Philippines, Cambodia, and Bangladesh—thanks to Impact Collective’s amazing community from all over the Asia Pacific. We are delighted that we’ve discovered these startups with great business potential and impact-driven solutions,” said Changseong Ho, co-founder of TheVentures.

To find out more about Impact Collective and its work, please visit their website.


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