Holding Space | This house believes that all VC investments should prioritize social impact

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Holding Space, Oasis‘s first talk show that zeroes in on insightful discourse in a safe space.

The world can be a very noisy place. In Oasis’ talk show ‘Holding Space’, we will be inviting experts from a wide range of industries and different sectors of society to share their ideas in a safe space. The catch? Each speaker cannot take a neutral stance on the topic.

For our second session, we’re honing in on the motion: This House Believes That All VC investments should prioritize social impact.

ESG or impact investing has become increasingly mainstream in the investment landscape. As more VCs adopt impact metrics, we seek to look at both sides of the coin – should impact always be placed first? And if not, what should be?

On November 17, we bring together four speakers to engage in a friendly debate. Do save your seat for the event today!

Holding Space, Oasis by KrASIA's first talkshow that zeroes in on insightful discourse in a safe space. How it works?



  • Beau Seil, Partner & Co-Founder, Patamar Capital
  • Wen Li Lim, Chief Impact Officer, FlourishDx


  • Puiyan Leung, Executive Director, Vertex Ventures
  • Ban Shen Ho, Associate, Protégé Ventures

A haven for insightful interaction and learnings in a sensationalized world, Oasis is dedicated to sharing human-centered stories of Asia’s leaders via content and events. If you would like to become our partner, please reach out to us at [email protected]


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