#Old Chang CHATS: Harnessing the skills of professionals during startup growth

Written by Chang Zi Qian Published on 

How do we harness the skills of professionals in the scaling up period of a startup?

Old Chang CHATS is a podcast that seeks to bridge the differences of the business culture of East and West. In each podcast episode, Old Chang will pick a topic that will interest English speaking founders and professionals by seeking out relevant lessons from Chinese history.

While the concept of “brotherhood” is important in the early days of a startup, the next step to scaling up beyond brotherhood is as crucial. How do we harness the skills of professionals during the growth period?

Three Key Takeaways:

1. Recognise that there are 3 types of roles in an effective team – the commander, the general and the administrator.

2. The commander/leader stays focus on knowing what to do and entrusting the correct individual to execute it. It is the leader’s role to identify the talents and ensure Unity where people accepting their place vis-a-vis those above them and around them

3. The general and administrator’s role is knowing how to do something and doing it well.

Listen to the podcast here to find out more. 

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Chang Zi Qian

Chang Zi Qian is the Co-founder at Intelllex. His podcast 'Old Chang Chats', seeks to bridge between the differences of business culture of East and West through stories from Chinese History.


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