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EntrepreneurShit series | From Waikiki beach in Hawaii to building Draper Startup House in Singapore

Written by CS Haw Published on 

Vikram reflects on the difficult moments that led up to him quitting his job and shares the motivation in continuing his entrepreneurial journey.

Have you ever wondered if you could travel the world and run a madly successful business at the same time? It would be living the dream, as many say.

This week, our guest at EntrepreneurShit quit his high-paying banking job and traveled half the world. What’s interesting is that he went into multiple failed ventures in Bangkok, broke down, and had a very hard time in a foreign land. Later, he tried to recreate this experience of backpacking and venture building into a pretty successful entrepreneur hostel chain.

We introduce Vikram Bharati, the co-founder of Draper Startup House. Vikram started his entrepreneurial journey in his late 30s after working in the banking industry for 8 years, and with a family to support.

You’ll hear about his whole journey as well as his thoughts on:

  • What working at a company provides (it’s not about money)
  • Finding a cofounder
  • The book that completely reshaped the way he approaches life

Watch the full interview here:

EntrepreneurShit is a series by The Financial Coconut, our community partner at Oasis.  To get future episodes, please subscribe to The Financial Coconut’s youtube channel.

CS Haw is the co-founder of The Financial Coconut. Before this, he had attempted 5 other startups and has also gotten the chance to learn how to spend over 8 figures in direct response advertising. He is currently focusing his free time on learning how to grow businesses through other avenues and is always on the lookout to be the dumbest person in the conversation.

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CS Haw


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