EntrepreneurShit Series | Having your whole business go up in flames (literally)

Written by CS Haw Published on     2 mins read

How would you have handled the situation? Shafiq shares his experience on this week’s episode of EntrepreneurShit.

It’s not every day that you have your factory with two year’s worth of work burning down.

More importantly, how would you have handled the situation? Would you rage quit, or fall into the abyss? Or would you put yourself together, take good care of your staff, and be that founder you’ve always wanted to be.

In this episode of EntrepreneurShit, we introduce you to Shafiq Bashir, who had a small and relatively passive business in the 3D printing space before a fire burnt all of it down in 2018.

He decided to take a break from everything and spent 2019 traveling the world with his wife. It got to the point where he got tired of feeling comfortable in his own space, and went back to partner up with an old acquaintance to build Meka 3D printing.

You’ll hear about his whole journey and his thoughts on:

  • Family relationships and entrepreneurship
  • The concept of freedom
  • Finding a business partner

Watch the interview here:

EntrepreneurShit is a series by The Financial Coconut, our community partner at Oasis.  To get future episodes, please subscribe to The Financial Coconut’s youtube channel.

CS Haw is the co-founder of The Financial Coconut. Before this, he had attempted 5 other startups and has also gotten the chance to learn how to spend over 8 figures in direct response advertising. He is currently focusing his free time on learning how to grow businesses through other avenues and is always on the lookout to be the dumbest person in the conversation.

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CS Haw


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