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Christopher shares his experience of joining a founding team, and building something that isn’t exactly his own brainchild.

Must all entrepreneurs have big crazy ideas, or be equipped with skill sets that no one else has?

For those who have considered becoming entrepreneurs, it might have crossed your minds that you don’t want to take all that risk, and that you don’t exactly have a big idea that you can bring everyone behind. Is there another way to do it then?

This week, we introduce Christopher Leow. ex-general manager of Edible Garden City, a social enterprise in Singapore that focuses on horticulture, education, and rehabilitation of cities.

We get Chris to share with us a perspective of joining a founding team, being stuck between the founder and the team, and building something that isn’t exactly his own brainchild. He also shares on:

–  How a founder may have a larger vision than the employees

–  Working with foreigners

–  Having a relationship as a workaholic

Here’s the link to the full interview:

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CS Haw is the co-founder of The Financial Coconut. Before this, he had attempted 5 other startups and has also gotten the chance to learn how to spend over 8 figures in direct response advertising. He is currently focusing his free time on learning how to grow businesses through other avenues and is always on the lookout to be the dumbest person in the conversation.

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