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Entrepreneurshit Series | How this entrepreneur recovered from huge media backlash for an event gone wrong

Written by CS Haw Published on 

Alex Loh talks about his experience with the infamous Yolo Run and shares his thoughts on evaluating if one is ready for entrepreneurship.

Have you ever felt like you have disappointed someone, felt like you really want to restart, or even stop?

Imagine this. You have a series of successful events, like, small little events and you have gathered a following, grew a brand, and gathered a team. You are planning this huge event for 16,000 pax and thinking that you’re going to hit a home run.

Instead, things turn up flat and you have a huge media backlash.

That’s what this week’s episode of EntrepreneurShit guest had gone through. Alex Loh was the co-founder of the now-infamous Yolo Run and in this interview, he tells us how it got to where it did and what happened for this event to have gone wrong.

Besides that, you’ll also hear his thoughts on:

-Going into entrepreneurship to be around family

-How to evaluate if you’re ready for entrepreneurship

Here’s the link to the full interview:

EntrepreneurShit is a series by The Financial Coconut, our community partner at Oasis.  To get future episodes, please subscribe to The Financial Coconut’s youtube channel.

CS Haw is the co-founder of The Financial Coconut. Before this, he had attempted 5 other startups and has also gotten the chance to learn how to spend over 8 figures in direct response advertising. He is currently focusing his free time on learning how to grow businesses through other avenues and is always on the lookout to be the dumbest person in the conversation.

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