Embracing Failure

We often shun away from failure, seeing it as embarrassing, when in fact it is something we should embrace, share, and learn from.in hopes of normalising failure. We are examining failure from multiple lenses. Whether it’s learning from failed entrepreneurship or business, in education, or in our personal journeys, there’s always something to share, so we can also learn and discuss.

Business & Tech

Roger Shakes says failure should not be overly shamed or glamourized


Taro Ishida


  08 Dec 2020    06:56 AM

  • Reggie recalls his days of unknowingly being involved in a major scam, and his journey into creating Singapore’s number one personal finance podcast.

    Personal Growth

    Reggie Koh on bringing financial literacy to Singapore

    By Taro Ishida

    03 Dec 202008:42 AM

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