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Treat work as a way to accomplish personal goals, and it will be ikigai | Oasis Talks with Edward Senju from Sansan


Julianna Wu and 

Joanna Ng


  20 Aug 2021    3 mins read

  • Tsao shares his views on the qualities of a good entrepreneur, how to trust your instincts, and his favorite video games.


    A good founder is an orchestra conductor, says Thomas Tsao from Gobi Partners | Oasis Talks

    By Joanna Ng

    16 Jul 20214 mins read

  • We were honoured to have Dr. Miina Öhman, Derek Wong, and CK Goyal as our guest speakers for the night.

    A Night of Learning with Oasis, by KrASIA

    By Joanna Ng

    28 Jan 20214 mins read

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    Former government scientist on the challenges, adventures, and aspirations of founding a no-code robotics programming startup


    Julianna Wu

    22 Sep 2021    5 mins read

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