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Weylie is a self-employed insurance broker residing in Canada. Besides offering professional advice to people in terms of insurance investment and reasonable tax-avoidance, she’s been committed to enhancing the mutual understanding between Asian people, especially Chinese people and people with other cultural backgrounds. One of the attempts is to writes blog posts about Chinse culture, personal growth, and her life as a new immigrant.

Weylie Li

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  • How drawing lessons from Austin(Jiaqi) Li can teach us about knowing our strengths to help us in our career.

    Personal Growth

    The “King of Lipsticks” perfectly encapsulates the meaning of building a career on your strengths

    By Weylie Li

    01 Apr 202110:00 PM

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  • Tech Innovations

    How Music Edtech can change the future of how we learn music


    Lisa Nguyen

    23 Mar 2021    10:00 PM

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