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Lisa Nguyen is the General Manager of Amanotes Music Education with a mission to make music learning personal for every learners and enable them to achieve their musical dream faster and easier. Prior to Amanotes, she was the CEO of Chotot.com, the number 1 C2C marketplace in Vietnam, where she led the team to deliver strong user and financial growth even in challenging time and drove Chotot to profitability 1 year ahead of plan. Known as an empowering leader, Lisa embraces changes and endeavors to foster a culture which all members can reach their highest potential.

Lisa Nguyen

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  • While it is true in the extent of how technology can replace a music teacher, it is getting more feasible.

    How Music Edtech can change the future of how we learn music

    By Lisa Nguyen

    23 Mar 20215 mins read

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