Emily Fang

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Emily is a Community Lead based in Singapore, connecting SE Asia's tech scene to the rest of the world. Originally from Silicon Valley, she's worked in community building, event marketing, and developer relations for MNCs and startups. Most recently, she made the move to Asia to do her own self-guided global MBA.

Emily Fang

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  • Andrew Poh is the founder of HiBlendr, a company that creates portable, stylish blenders for smoothies on-the-go.

    How I Got Here

    Andrew Poh on building a successful business while pursuing a law degree

    By Emily Fang

    03 May 202110:00 PM

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“How I Got Here”

  • How I Got Here

    Sandeep Aneja, managing partner at Kaizen, on looking past glitz and glamour in the VC world


    Julianna Wu

    21 Jun 2021    07:06 AM

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