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Dr. Ruth Carroll, DNP, RN is a Registered Nurse and Writer.  Dr. Carroll hails from Alabama. She enjoys travelling with her husband and reading fiction and loves witty healthcare memes. She has been a nurse for over 22 years and enjoys growing and mentoring people in healthcare. This led her to mentoring clients,  writing resumes and cover letters, and providing and facilitating professional presentations for clients. She has also served as a consultant for medical inquiries from local government officials. She can be reached on LinkedIn or Medium and Patreon as @docruthrn. 

Dr.Ruth Carroll

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  • Being 1 out of the 3 white kids in high school had paved the way for me to become a better nurse.


    How being culturally competent helped me to be a better nurse

    By Dr. Ruth Ann Carroll

    13 Jan 202102:34 AM

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