Yinglin Huang

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Yinglin Huang is a freelance writer, covering stories of entrepreneurs to social issues such as gender inequity. Her articles were published in multiple media in China including The Campus and the China Youth Daily. During her undergraduate at Wuhan University, she conducted fieldwork in Kenya and Tanzania, on China’s investment in African countries. She has worked at UNESCO in Germany for a year, after graduating from University College London in 2018. You can email her at [email protected] 

Yinglin Huang

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  • Coming from a background with a lack of resources, his passion for technology spurred him to broaden his horizons and learn about the unique business ecosystem in China.


    Afghanistan to China: How a passion for technology led Maruf Bashiri to end up in the heart of China’s tech ecosystem

    By Yinglin Huang

    01 Sep 20206 mins read

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