Yeo Chuen Chuen

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Chuen Chuen is a multi-award-winning executive coach based in Singapore working with clients in both government and private sectors. She is the founder of ACESENCE and an official member of Forbes Coaches Council.

Yeo Chuen Chuen

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  • Unconscious bias and a lack of sponsorship for women at senior levels are still causing many female talents in leadership positions to question their full potential in the workplace.

    Leadership Thoughts

    Challenges that women still face in the workplace, and how we can level the playing field

    By Chuen Chuen

    26 Apr 202110:00 PM

“How I Got Here”

  • How I Got Here

    Innovation starts with understanding market needs, says robotics entrepreneur Mark Mak of Roborn Technology


    Stephanie Li

    16 Jun 2021    05:46 AM

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