Joanna Ng

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Joanna Ng is the Community Coordinator at KrASIA.

Joanna Ng


Top 5 leadership thoughts | Oasis April features


Joanna Ng


  27 Apr 2021    10:00 PM

  • From whipped butter to creating social impact in Bali, our contributors at Oasis shine a light on unconventional stories happening around us.

    Top 5 contributor stories | Oasis April features

    By Joanna Ng

    27 Apr 202110:00 PM

  • Bhanot is the CEO of H2GO Global, a water tech company that aims to tackle the global water poverty crisis.


    Dr. Rajiv Bhanot on providing clean water to rural communities around the world

    By Joanna Ng

    26 Apr 202110:00 PM