Impact Collective taps wisdom of the crowd to democratize investments


Annabelle Siena Lim and 

Julianna Wu


  03 Nov 2021    4 mins read

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    The best post-investment services aren’t what you expect them to be


    China Ventures

    05 Nov 2021    4 mins read

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ESG & SustainabilityESG & Sustainability

  • James Walton shares Deloitte’s approach to improving livelihoods in Southeast Asia and his preferred leadership practices.


    Deloitte’s regional lead explains how the WorldClass initiative is shaping the future in Southeast Asia

    By Annabelle Siena Lim

    25 Oct 20214 mins read

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  • Djauhari Oratmangun

    Djauhari Oratmangun currently serves as the Ambassador of The Republic of Indonesia to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia.

  • Haoting Chow

    Dr. Haoting Chow is a veterinarian, entrepreneur, and author based in Singapore.

  • Harya Bimo

    Harya Bimo is the founder of Indonesia-based startup Medigo. He believes that society will be greatly improved if the health sector can be digitized.

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