Former government scientist on the challenges, adventures, and aspirations of founding a no-code robotics programming startup


Julianna Wu


  22 Sep 2021    5 mins read

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    Former Google and Baidu software engineer sheds light on the traits and practices of a successful entrepreneur


    Heniu Business

    24 Sep 2021    5 mins read

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ESG & SustainabilityESG & Sustainability

  • Gibran Huzaifah, the CEO of eFishery, shares how he turned trouble-making middlemen into business partners.


    Using tech for good: A former fish farmer on his odyssey to reshape the fishery industry

    By Sara Mandagie

    16 Aug 20214 mins read

  • When we start to talk about greenhouse gases, it’s a whole new vernacular. Most companies are not well-equipped to account for carbon emissions and removals.

    Betty Cremmins shares on challenges faced by companies in adopting measures to reduce carbon emissions

    By Ariel Lozovsky

    09 Feb 20215 mins read

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Thought Leaders

  • Johary Mustapha

    Johary Mustapha founded Forest Interactive, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider for mobile network operators, in 2006. The company now operates in 39 countries.

  • Jon Chua

    Jon Chua is the founder of Zendyll Records, a label that focuses on Artist & Repertoire (A&R) development, music publishing, music production, songwriting, as well as branding, and marketing.

  • Joshua Augusta

    Joshua currently serves as the director of Venture Funds at Mandiri Capital Indonesia – a corporate VC from one of the largest banks in Indonesia, which focuses on financial verticals.

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