Social Impact

Prize-winning Myanmarese activist Paul Sein Twa on a park for peace


Stephanie Li


  18 Jan 2021    02:00 AM

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  • Health

    Fig is a digitalized platform empowering women to manage reproductive health


    Emily Fang

    06 Jan 2021    05:42 AM

Thought Leaders

  • Agnes Liew

    Agnes Liew is an ex-banker, entrepreneur, and studio owner. She founded Oompf! Fitness to share her vision of becoming fit and fitter no matter your age or stage in life, and especially to empower women to age healthily and gracefully.

  • Alice Besomi

    Alice Besomi is the Vice President of Investments at Jungle Ventures. She’s worked at Paris-based Venture Firm A Plus Finance where she helped digital French startups grow and expand in Europe.

  • Anthony Sar

    Anthony Sar is the founder of Finnovasia, the flagship industry event in Asia with over 15,000 attendees from more than 130 economies. He is also the founder of FinTech Club, an exclusive community for senior executives in Hong Kong, and FinTech Basketball League which brings together 18 teams among the industry professionals in Hong Kong.

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Tuning InTuning In

  • Patti shares her views on raising awareness about the environment.

    Social Impact

    Patti Chu wants to help startups make a positive social impact in Asia

    By Taro Ishida

    20 Jan 202105:00 AM

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